The perfect junction between creativity, artistical talent and technology can be seen on Pro Delphus realistic surgical simulators. Created and produced with enriching details, Pro Delphus Simulators have become world reference thanks to Neoderma® resemblance to the human organs and structures.
Whether to attend specific training needs or to inspire the responsible way of teaching, Pro Delphus is also a leader in creating and selling realistic endoscopic simulators. Contact us for more information about our products or if you want to develop new projects!


 Our products
SVP HOP Needling, Puncture and Venoclysis
THOR-P Simulator for Pectus Excavatum Correction
THOR-T Simulator for Thoracic Traumas
BIA Beauty Assistant Simulator
VLV Ninfotrainer models for ninfoplasty and labiaplasty
SNT Simulator for Neuroendoscopy
HIP Simulator for HIP surgeries
NEO-KNOT Simulator for Laparoscopic Suturing
SMT Suturing and Dissection Discs
SMT Suture Models
SMT Suture Glove Simulator
ETXY-HYSTERO Simulator for Diagnostic and Surgical Hysteroscopy
ETH Artificial Uterus
ETXY-PROCTO Simulator for Proctology Procedures
HPT Simulator for Hypospadia Surgery
ETXY-URO Simulator for Urology Procedures
ETX A2 LAP Simulator for Laparoscopy Surgery
SIML Abdomen Simulator for Laparoscopy with Pressurization System
HRT Simulator for Herniorrhaphy Surgery
ETP-TBD Simulator for Bidigital Vaginal Examination
ETP-APP Post Partum Bleeding Simulator
EPP Prepartum Pelvic Station Simulator of Cervix Dilation
MMT MAMA Simulator for Diagnostics and Breast Surgery
RMT Simulator for Rhinoplasty
MAX TRAUMA Simulator for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
MAX-ATM Simulator for Temporomandibular Joint Endoscopy
MAX-SIALO Simulator for Sialendoscopy
SHT Shoulder Surgery Simulator
SGV Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma Simulator – Newborn’s Genu Valgum
KNT Knee Surgery Simulator
KNT-B Portable Knee Surgery Simulator
SPT Simulator for Open and Endoscopic Spine Surgery
SOT Simulator for Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery
VIPS Simulator for Diagnostic Vascular Ultrasound and Procedures
WNT Wound Care Simulator
JLE Simulator for Botulinum Toxin Application and Exposure of the Face Anatomy