• SVP HOP Needling, Puncture and Venoclysis

  • NEO-KNOT Simulator for Laparoscopic Suturing

    The easiest way to practice and train endoscopic sutures and dissections

  • SMT Suturing and Dissection Discs

    Over 30 exercises for young surgeons

  • SMT Suture Models

    For medical trainees on Laparoscopy, Robotics, N.O.T.E.S. and Single Port

  • SMT Suture Glove Simulator

  • ETXY-HYSTERO Simulator for Diagnostic and Surgical Hysteroscopy

    Designed for training diagnosis and surgical hysteroscopy

  • ETH Artificial Uterus

    Choose the pathology! Pro Delphus ARTIFICIAL UTERUS allow all kinds of hysteroscopical training

  • ETXY-PROCTO Simulator for Proctology Procedures

    One of the newest inventions on the realistic simulation of transanal endoscopic surgeries

  • ETXY-URO Simulator for Urology Procedures

    Practice prostatic ressection, urethroplasty, polip removal, baskets use and much more

  • HPT Simulator for Hypospadia Surgery

  • ETX A2 LAP Simulator for Laparoscopy Surgery

    Allows laparoscopical training through the abdmoninal wall made of E.V.A.

  • LAB-UTR Anatomic Simulator of Resinated Artificial Uterus with Endometrium Pathologies

  • SIML Abdomen Simulator for Laparoscopy with Pressurization System

  • HRT Simulator for Herniorrhaphy Surgery

  • ETP-TBD Simulator for Bidigital Vaginal Examination

  • ETP-APP Post Partum Bleeding Simulator

  • EPP Prepartum Pelvic Station Simulator of Cervix Dilation

  • MMT MAMA Simulator for Diagnostics and Breast Surgery

    For trainning mastectomy, prosthesis and expanders silicon implants insertion

  • RMT Simulator for Rhinoplasty

  • MAX TRAUMA Simulator for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • MAX-ATM Simulator for Temporomandibular Joint Endoscopy

    Try and experience the realistic sensation of an intracapsular intervention. Exclusive model!

  • MAX-SIALO Simulator for Sialendoscopy

  • SHT Shoulder Surgery Simulator

  • SGV Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma Simulator – Newborn’s Genu Valgum

  • KNT Knee Surgery Simulator

  • KNT-B Portable Knee Surgery Simulator

  • SPT Simulator for Open and Endoscopic Spine Surgery

  • SNT Neuroendoscopic Surgery Simulator

    Allows neuroendoscopic training over the obstructives pathologies of the brain ventricles

  • SOT Simulator for Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery

    Permite a criação anatômica dos seios da face, cornetos, septo nasal, vasos, e inclusive a sela túrcica com adenoma

  • NEB Pediatric Neuroendoscopy Simulator

  • CEB Pediatric Craniosynostosis Simulator

  • VIPS Simulator for Diagnostic Vascular Ultrasound and Procedures

  • WNT Wound Care Simulator

  • JLE Simulator for Botulinum Toxin Application and Exposure of the Face Anatomy

SVP HOP Needling, Puncture and Venoclysis
NEO-KNOT Simulator for Laparoscopic Suturing
SMT Suturing and Dissection Discs
SMT Suture Models
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